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Annual Report and Accounts 2005 - Report of the Board

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The Port of London Authority is a public trust constituted under the Port of London Act 1968 and Harbour Revision Orders of 1975, 1992, 1999, 2003 and 2005. It has no equity capital and all its operations are financed from revenue. Finance for capital work comes from internally generated funds supplemented by commercial loans and leasing.

The PLA Board comprises a Chairman and up to 3 non-executive members appointed by the Secretary of State for Transport and up to four non-executive members appointed by the Authority. The Authority may also appoint up to four executive members.


Under the Port of London Act, the PLA is charged with taking such action as is necessary for the improvement and conservancy of the tidal Thames. To discharge this duty the PLA:

  • regulates navigation by means of river byelaws, general directions and other associated byelaws
  • licenses river works and dredging
  • undertakes hydrographic surveys
  • registers craft and boats for hire
  • removes wrecks and other hazards to navigation
  • licences watermen and lightermen
  • maintains Richmond lock and weir

In addition, the PLA is the harbour authority for its area of jurisdiction, under the Harbours Act 1964, and provides the pilotage service as the competent harbour authority under the Pilotage Act 1987. The PLA is also a competent authority under the Conservation (Natural Habitats & c) Regulations 1992.

The PLA promotes commercial activities in the Port of London.


On 31 December 2005 POLP was continuing to work towards an orderly divestment of its remaining non-property obligation with a view to becoming dormant.


Mrs Castle retired from the PLA on 31 December 2005.

As a consequence of the Harbour Revision Order 2005, the following Members were re-appointed by the Port Authority on 31 December 2005:

JW Beech until 28 February 2006

RD Clegg until 31 December 2006

JAG Kennedy until 31 July 2006


There were 10 meetings of the PLA Board in 2005.

Members attended as follows:

S P Sherrard 8

R D Clegg 7

P M Castle 9

R L Everitt 10

A B Richardson 9

J A G Kennedy 10

B Chapman 10

A A Knight 10

P Mole 9

J W Beech 10

By Order of the Board

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