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Planning Policy

The PLA’s planning policies seek to translate general UK governmental support for sustainable transport of freight to the specific context and policy environment existing within the Port of London.

Policies are based on comprehensive economic forecasting, undertaken in-house together with regular contact with terminal operators, to assess level of investment, throughput.

The PLA seek to ensure that policies within regional guidance and local development plans promote the transport of freight by water and the protection, and future expansion, of cargo handling terminals and riparian industry.

Within London, the PLA acts as adviser to the Mayor of London in relation to the current and proposed safeguarded sites. These sites are protected by ministerial direction for cargo handling including waste and aggregates, and for related activities. All planning application for uses other than these must be referred to the Mayor, who will consider the application with reference to extant policies and the views of the PLA.

The PLA seeks to increase trade within Port limits ‘intraport trade’ through maintaining an efficient safeguarding policy, ensuring consistent and positive development control decision making and lobbying for a positive grant regime from government to ensure water transport operates on a ‘level playing field’.

The tidal Thames is home to over 55 sailing, rowing and canoeing clubs, apart from walking the Thames Path National Trail, yet the infrastructure essential to these activities, such as boatyards, drawdocks and other launching points are under intense threat from development. The PLA will seek to promote planning policies maintaining essential infrastructure at regional and local level.

The PLA also seek to ensure that new development adjacent to wharves and other ‘working river’ facilities, does not prejudice the river economy. Appropriate mitigation measures will be proposed and the PLA will also work closely with local planning authorities and developers on these, and all riparian sites.