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River Works Licensing

A River Works Licence is required for any works in, under or over the River Thames. 

Notification of Transfer - IMPORTANT INFORMATION -

If there is a future change of ownership, of the Works, you will need to complete and submit the following form within seven days of the date of transfer, as and when the Works are sold.




          Word                   PDF    

Click the links above for either a Microsoft Word or PDF version of the form. 

Please contact the Licensing Team if you have any questions.

New Licences

Click here for information about how to apply for a River Works Licence

Existing Licences

Click here for advice on how to enquire about an existing River Works Licence

Current River Works Licence Applications

Click here for information about River Works Licence applications currently being processed

Current Temporary River Works Licences

Click here for information about current Temporary River Works Licences.

Property Related Search

Click here for advice on requesting a property related search from the PLA

The River Works Licensing Team

Click here to contact the PLA's River Works Licensing team

Foreshore Permits

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