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PLA and APBA sign joint-marketing agreement

A far-reaching "Joint-Marketing Initiative" Agreement between the Port of London Authority (PLA) and the Port of Algeciras Bay Authority (APBA) has been signed in London today (Tuesday 6 March).

The agreement between the two ports is the first of a series to be established with ports around the world in order to co-operate in various fields related to commercial port development and marine transportation. Unlike the traditional "Twinning" arrangements between ports, these initiatives are based on a formal commercial footing with each port working with the other – as appropriate - to develop and gain new business for the benefit of the customer and the ports concerned.

Announcing the signing at the launch of the 2001 Port of London Handbook, PLA Chairman, Simon Sherrard said: "We are delighted to have signed a Joint-Marketing Agreement with the Port of Algeciras today, which will see our two ports co-operating in the development of new business opportunities for the benefit of both ports, and our respective customers.

"There are many similarities between London and Algeciras, not least that we both have extensive development plans for new container terminals, at Shell Haven in London and at the Campamento and Isla Verde sites in Algeciras. In addition, as we see the growth of a few major players involved in port and terminal operations worldwide, we believe there is strength in independent ports coming together to provide competitive alternatives."

On behalf of the Port of Algeciras, the President Senior Manuel Morón said: "As well as my personal satisfaction with the signing of this Agreement, I would like to express my firm conviction that our work together under its terms will be advantageous to both ports and port communities.

"The main goals of our ports include establishing an international presence via a world network of port alliances. We are both chasing standards of excellence in our operations, through improved service quality to our customers and more respect for our environment."

Discussions on a similar agreement have been concluded in Bangkok between the PLA and the Port Authority of Thailand, which is expected to be signed in May or June.

The first "limited" agreement was arranged between the PLA and Port of Hamburg three years ago. Discussions are currently taking place between the two ports to expand its terms to meet those of the new initiative.

The "Joint-Marketing Initiatives" embrace the following issues:

Establishing New Markets - whilst preserving the independence of each individual port, at all appropriate opportunities both ports will promote the other with a view to developing joint trade. This will include joint presentations to potential customers in progressing new trade between both ports.

Joint-Venture Marketing - both ports will promote the benefits of the other when speaking at or attending conferences, exhibitions or trade missions.

Publicity – both ports will, as appropriate, include within their publicity material (including Web Sites) information to introduce the joint-venture port.

Exchange of Experience and Information – both ports will exchange experience and information to enhance the effectiveness of port management and operation.

Exchange of Personnel – both ports will arrange for relevant key personnel exchange, and organise seminars or training programmes on all aspects of commercial, marketing and technology issues within their organisations.

The "Joint-Marketing Initiative" requires each port to meet every two years to review the progress of the Agreement and plan for the forthcoming programme.