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River Works Licence Applications Received

Current List 

As at 5 December 2014

For more information on any of the river works licence applications listed please contact the Deputy Licensing Officer on 01474 562 354 or via this Enquiry Form.

PLA Ref. No. Location Description of Proposed Work Date Complete Application Received Status Comments


Savoy Pier To upgrade the mooring lines to facilitate the Silver Sturgeon as a long term berth. 07/12/2012 Consent Granted None
AS/17/15 Battersea Power Station One 600mm diameter outfall 12/12/2012 Consent Granted None
AS/76/56 Dowells Wharf The construction of the new inter tidal terrace to the south of Dowell’s Wharf including timber fenders  16/01/2013 Consent Granted None
AS/39/118 Henleys Works, Northfleet Demolition of Jetty 23/01/2013 Consent Granted None
AN/24/244   Broadway Wharf Human sculpture on pile 11/02/2013 Consent Granted None
AS/17/19 Tideway Industrial Estates, Nine Elms Installation of manholes and river wall drainage 22/02/2013

In progress

AN/02/65 Thames House Pontoon, brow and replacement piles 26/02/2013 Consent Granted None
AN/19/71B  Wellington, HQS, London Gangway and platform 28/02/2013 Consent Granted None
AN/10/243 Magnolia, Chiswick Mall Pontoon and brow 28/02/2013 Consent Granted None
A2/82/13 Vange Creek 400Kv overhead transmission line capable of transmitting telecom data and replacement conductors  08/04/2013 Consent Granted None
AEP/02/16 Syd's Quay Concrete Slipway 01/05/2013 In progress None
AN/20/137 Fishmongers Hall Wharf Wooden steps, piles, mooring and associated works 02/05/2013 Consent Granted None
AS/29/484 Cory's Yard Dolphin repair 13/05/2013 Consent Granted None
AN/24/242 Blyths Wharf  Installation of a balcony 15/05/2013 Consent Granted None
AN/08/208A Chiswick Staithe New timber jetty to access the mooring of one small private leisure vessel 18/06/2013 Consent Granted None
AS/14/115 Plantation Wharf Passenger landing pier and private/leisure moorings 28/06/2013 In progress None
AS/76/65 - AS/76/02 Greenwich Reach East Construction of a pedestrian swing bridge across Deptford Creek 24/07/2013 Consent Granted None
AN/20/86B Kings Reach Replacement of pipework in existing cooling water tunnel 29/07/2013 Consent Granted None
AS/22/241 Cherry Garden Pier Installation of replacement pontoon 02/08/2013 Consent Granted None
AN/32/45 Dagenham Jetty safety related works to the jetty & associated structures 20/08/2013 In progress None
AN/29/437 Royal Wharf, Silvertown Replacement of a 150m long section of existing timber king post walling with sheet piling. 18/09/2013 Consent Granted None
AN/02/40 7 Cross Deep, Twickenham installation of floating pontoon, jetty with brow for boat mooring 20/09/2013 Consent Granted None
AS/38/96 Britannia Wharf Moving the existing 24" outfall to a higher location on the sea wall. 23/10/2013 Consent Granted None
A2/78/101E Bow Creek pedestrian footbridge 20/11/2013 In progress None
AN/07/175 Kew Bridge Pedestrian Walkway 20/12/2013 In progress None
AS/27/454 Victoria Wharf Installation of replacement fenders 15/01/2014 Consent Granted None
AN/15/361 Chelsea Creek Replacement of river wall with sheet piling 03/04/2014 In progress None
AS/17/23 Battersea Barge Replacement of existing access structure 07/04/2014 Consent Granted None
AEP/05/52 Shamrock, Twickenham 2 mooring poles and small pontoon 07/04/2014 Consent Granted None
AN/22/187 Wapping Police Station Installation of a new fixed walkway for pedestrian and trolley access to existing pontoon 08/04/2014 In progress None
AS/26/352-3 Paynes Wharf and Borthwick Wharf and Pier Wharf Remedial works to quay wall 30/04/2014 In progress None
A2/18/99 Lambeth Reach new pontoon with hydro power turbine fixed to barge 'November' for access and egress 14/05/2014 In progress None
A2/46/101B Kentish Flats Windfarm 15 offshore wind turbines with steel monopile foundations, 12 infield cables and 2 export cables 20/05/2014 In progress None
AS/19/83 - AN/19/71 Southbank - Victoria Embankment Construction of a new pedestrian crossing 04/07/2014 In progress None
AN/78/8 - AN78/20 Leamouth Peninsula Reinforcement of existing river wall to facilitate the re-development 07/07/2014 In progress None
AN/10/274 Upper Mall, Hammersmith Proposed pontoon extension 04/06/2014 In progress None
AS/30/527 Royal Arsenal Pier Installation of pontoon as a pier extension 22/07/2014 In progress None
AN/37/94 West Thurrock Marshes The construction of an off take structure 22/07/2014 Consent Granted None
AN/03/103 Ducks Walk, Twickenham 2 mooring piles, 13 steps in access stairs and 1 ground chain 25/07/2014 In progress None
AN/28/423 Clyde Wharf, Silvertown River wall repairs 01/08/2014 In progress None
AN/30/472 Beckton Scour protection and marker pile at discharge end of culvert 26/08/2014 In progress None
AS/28/468A Greenwich Peninsula Installation of a new surface water outfall 30/09/2014 Consent Granted None
AS/03/8 Petersham Road, Twickenham Four mooring piles 11/09/2014 In progress None
AN/06/158 Victoria Steps, Brentford Replacement of pontoons containing new septic handling systems and services 04/09/2014 Consent Granted None
AN/20/86B Kings Reach Upriver and ground river moorings 18/09/2014 In progress None
AN/20/86B Victoria Street, London Relocation of the discharge valve 22/09/2014 In progress None
AS/17/19-22 Riverside Dock, Riverside Industrial Estate, Nine Elms Installation of 2 additional piles 30/10/2014 Consent Granted None
AN/40/112 Tilbury One new mooring dolphin, one new berthing dolphin with associated walkways, lighting and CCTV 22/09/2014 In progress None
AN/01/16 Strawberry Vale, Twickenham Mooring pontoon and brow 03/10/2014 In progress None
AN/29/437 Royal Wharf, Silvertown Phase 2: Construction of a new surface water outfall 15/10/2014 In progress None
AN/38/104A Grays, Thurrock Reduction of moorings 10/10/2014 In progress None
A2/46/105 Thames Estuary Cable protection/ remediation works 22/10/2014 In progress None
AS/76/51-4 Deptford Creek Installation of a new surface water outfall 24/10/2014 In progress None
AS/17/15 Battersea, London Installation of a new surface water outfall 29/10/2014 In progress None
AN/11/30 Fulham Reach Installation of a floating ramp to form an extension to the existing pontoon 30/10/2014 In progress None
AN/29/437 Royal Wharf, Silvertown Phase 1: Installation of 4 x 375mm outfalls 03/11/2014 In progress None
AN/06/166A Brentford, Middlesex Installation of a 225mm surface water outfall 11/11/2014 In progress None
AN/21/150 Tower of London Remedial works to the river wall 24/11/2014 In progress None

For more information on any of the river works licence applications listed please contact the Deputy Licensing Officer on 01474 562 354 or via this Enquiry Form.