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What we do

Our vision for the tidal Thames is:

  • A vibrant, safe and sustainable river

Our mission is to be:

  • A leading harbour and pilotage authority – safe, sustainable and accountable

Our strategy is to:

  • Ensure the safe and sustainable use of the River and the Port, supporting growth in freight and passenger traffic and enjoyment of the Thames for leisure, tourism, sport and amenity.

Our strategic priorities are:

A boat on the water

The safety of navigation on the river and estuary.


A stilt standing in the water

Conserving the environment of the river.


A crane loading crates onto a ship

Promoting the use of the port and the river


Four men conducting an interview

Partnerships with river users and accountability to stakeholders.


Working on these priorities as a coherent package, we can help to ensure that the Thames continues to be a safe and enjoyable environment for trade, recreation and tourism.

The PLA also offers services to third parties:  
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