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Carbon Footprint and the road to Net Zero

We calculate the carbon footprint of our activities every year.

Carbon footprints are reported in “scopes” and for us, the carbon footprint covers the following:

Scope 1:

  • Gas
  • Fuel – vessels
  • Fuel - vehicles, machinery and pilot transport (provided in-house)

Scope 2:

  • Electricity

Scope 3*:

  • Business mileage in company and employee-owned cars
  • Fuel – contracted taxi service for pilot transport (provided by third-party)
  • Waste
  • Water

*Reported Scope 3 activities are those for which we have reliable data. In 2022, we will be reviewing and expanding our reporting of scope 3 emissions.

Carbon Footprint

In 2021 the PLA emitted 1537 tonnes of CO2e (net) from our activities (unverified).  Of this, 1315 tonnes of CO2e were from our Scope 1 and 2 activities and 221 tonnes of CO2e from our Scope 3 activities described above.

As with most organisations, the international Covid-19 pandemic has affected the PLA’s activities during 2021, leading to a lower than predicted carbon footprint.

For context, historic emissions of carbon from the PLA are presented in the bar chart below.

Pledge to Net Zero

In 2019 the PLA signed the Pledge to Net Zero, the first industry commitment in the UK requiring science-based targets from its signatories to tackle greenhouse gas emissions within their organisations.

Getting to Net Zero

In 2020 the PLA committed to taking actions to become net zero by 2040 or sooner.