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3D Mesh Data

When we survey an asset for you, one of the main outputs is a point cloud data set -- thousands of georeferenced data points each with its own x,y,z coordinates and possibly other attributes including colour and intensity.

Because it can be difficult to view and share this wealth of information without specialist software, we host the data on a secure server, allowing customers to view and interact with 3D models of the scanned assets. 

The two models shown below were acquired by a PLA vessel fitted with a multibeam echo sounder and a vessel-mounted laser scanner. 

While the models here show the basic functionality, we can also offer more advanced levels of service in which measurements and cross sections can be taken, CAD drawings imported and exported, and associated documents can be stored.

Get in contact if you want to find out more.

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Tower Bridge mesh data

This meshed surface model was created from data points captured by multibeam echo sounder and a vessel-based laser scanner.

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