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Port of London Authority chief to chair UK ports group

PLA Chief Executive Richard EverittPort of London Authority (PLA) chief executive, Richard Everitt, has been elected to chair the United Kingdom Major Ports Group (UKMPG).

The UKMPG is the trade association which represents most of the major ports in the UK. The ports represented by the UKMPG handle three-quarters of the goods passing through UK ports. It works to make sure the industry’s voice is heard at national level with politicians, the media and key decision makers.  Mr Everitt will continue as chief executive of the PLA.

The Port of London Authority is responsible for ensuring navigational safety over 95 miles of the tidal Thames from the sea, through central London, to Teddington in west London. It provides navigational, safety, pilotage and other services for all vessels using the river. It also works to protect the environment and encourage the use of the river for trade, travel, tourism and leisure.

The Port of London is the third largest in the UK, handling over 50 million tonnes of cargo annually and contributes over £3 billion each year to the economy of London and the South East. The Port comprises over 70 independently owned and operated terminals and port facilities along the Thames in London, Essex and Kent. These handle a very wide range of cargoes.

Commenting on his UKMPG role, Richard Everitt said:

“Ports like London make a huge contribution to the quality of the daily lives of everyone in the UK.  This includes their gateway role for essentials such as fuel, food, and clothing in addition to the electronic goods and cars that improve our quality of life. My work at the PLA means that every day I see the vital role that the Thames and its port facilities play for people in London, Kent and Essex. 

"I look forward to working with others in the UKMPG to ensure that the ports’ voice is heard loud and clear in Government, Parliament, Whitehall and in Brussels.  Ports are central not only to the whole transport debate but also to other key issues such as the environment and energy supply. I will be able to contribute to those national policy debates, reflecting the key matters that we face on the Thames and in the Port of London area."

Richard Everitt has a strong background in transport. He joined the British Airports Authority (BAA) in 1978 and held different positions at the leading airport operator from 1990 to 2001. In 2001 he became chief executive at National Air Traffic Services, which provides air traffic control services to aircraft flying in UK airspace. Richard joined the PLA in December 2004.

Photo available on request. Contact: Martin Garside, Port of London Authority, Tel: 01474 562366. Email: Martin Garside

Notes to Editors:

  • The Port of London Authority (PLA) is responsible for navigational safety and related matters on 150km (95 miles) of the tidal Thames from the sea to Teddington
  • The PLA provides navigational, pilotage and other services for users of the Thames
  • London is one of the top three ports in the UK and handles over 50 million tonnes of cargo each year. The Port comprises over 70 independently owned and operated terminals and port facilities at different locations on the Thames. These handle a wide range of cargoes
  • London also has a busy passenger boat trade for tourists and commuters and is a popular destination for international passenger cruise ships. The tidal Thames is also used widely by those with small recreational craft of many types.