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Notices to Mariners

Notices to Mariners provide essential, up to date information and advice to those supporting navigation and commercial shipping in the Port of London. Subjects will include (but not be limited to) advice on PLA procedures and/or requirements and notification of new and updated rules and regulations for navigation.

In addition to the Notices to Mariners below, events are also promulgated here - in the Events Calendar.

Notices are charged as set out in the PLA Charges Schedule.  Please click here for details about charges for Notices to Mariners.

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Current Portwide Notices

No. 18 of 2021 - No. 18 of 2021 - Inappropriate use of VHF Radio
Date Published: 10-Nov-21

No. 17 of 2021 - No. 17 of 2021 - Portwide Notice - Navigational Near Miss & Incidents - New way of reporting
Date Published: 15-Oct-21

No. 16 of 2021 - No. 16 of 2021 - Notification of Changes to Local Knowledge Endorsement Assessments
Date Published: 01-Oct-21

15 of 2021 - No.15 of 2021 - New PLA Publication - Port Information Guide
Date Published: 22-Sep-21

No.13 of 2021 - Woolwich Reach - Environment Agency - Thames Barrier Closures
Date Published: 20-Jul-21

No.12 of 2021 - Navigational Conduct of Vessels Subject to Compulsory Pilotage
Date Published: 16-Jul-21

No.11 of 2021 - Updated PLA Publication - General Directions 2021 - GD 14 - Restricted Visibility
Date Published: 05-Jul-21

No.10 of 2021 - Code of Practice for Ship Towage Operations on the Thames
Date Published: 11-Jun-21

No.9 of 2021 - Maritime Declaration of Health - Update
Date Published: 25-Mar-21

No.7 of 2021 - Port of London Authority - Local Knowledge Endorsement Assessments
Date Published: 01-Mar-21

No.6 of 2021 - Woolwich Reach - Environment Agency - Thames Barrier Closures
Date Published: 16-Feb-21

No.5 of 2021 - Updated PLA Publications - General Directions 2016 & Permanent NtM Withdrawal
Date Published: 15-Feb-21

No.11 of 2020 - Near Miss Reporting Campaign
Date Published: 06-Jul-20

No.10 of 2020 - Unauthorised Use of PLA Moorings
Date Published: 09-Jun-20

No.15 of 2019 - Vessels Licensed as Ship Towage Tugs by the Port of London Authority
Date Published: 17-Sep-19

No.14 of 2019 - Updated PLA Publication - Pilotage Directions 2017 (as amended)
Date Published: 02-Aug-19

No.9 of 2019 - Change of Reporting Points - Surrey Entrance to Lambeth
Date Published: 28-May-19

No.8 of 2019 - Safe Access at Terminals
Date Published: 03-Apr-19

No.1 of 2019 - Vessel Licensing Requirements
Date Published: 02-Jan-19

No.18 of 2017 - Pilot Transfer Arrangements and Means of Access
Date Published: 10-Jul-17

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Current Lower & Estuary Notices

L1 of 2022 - Gravesend Reach to Northfleet Hope - Removal of Underwater Obstructions
Date Published: 21-Jan-22

L25 of 2021 - Sea Reach to Long Reach - Dredging Operations
Date Published: 29-Dec-21

L24 of 2021 - Sea Reach (London Gateway) - Dredging Operations
Date Published: 29-Dec-21

L23 of 2021 - L23 of 2021 - Halfway Reach - Thunderer Jetty Deconstruction and Construction Works
Date Published: 23-Dec-21

L37 of 2019 - Gravesend Reach - Special Mark Missing - Groyne No 2
Date Published: 23-Aug-19

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Current Middle River Notices

M1 of 2022 - Filming Operations - Greenwich Reach to Lower Pool
Date Published: 10-Jan-22

M50 of 2021 - M50 of 2021 - Kings Reach - Closure of No. 2 Arch Blackfriars Bridge - Blackfriars Refurbishment Project
Date Published: 17-Dec-21

M45 of 2021 - M45 of 2021 - Lambeth Reach - Diving Operations
Date Published: 04-Nov-21

M43 of 2021 - M43 of 2021 - Upper Pool - Police Pier Works
Date Published: 01-Nov-21

M42 of 2021 - Barking Reach - Barking Riverside Pier Construction Works
Date Published: 04-Oct-21

M40 of 2021 - M40 of 2021 - Middle Notice - Nine Elms Reach - Heathwall Pumping Station Construction Works
Date Published: 21-Sep-21

M26 of 2021 - Wandsworth Reach - Wandsworth Bridge Scaffolding
Date Published: 27-May-21

M54 of 2020 - Wandsworth Reach - Wandsworth Bridge Arch Closures - Relocation & Installation of Moorings
Date Published: 04-Nov-20

M29 of 2020 - Kings Reach - Coin Street Shoal
Date Published: 29-Jul-20

M23 of 2020 - Kings Reach - Blackfriars Bridges - Cofferdam Construction and Arch Closures
Date Published: 20-Jul-20

M4 of 2020 - Nine Elms Reach - Victoria Rail Bridge - Isophase Lights
Date Published: 20-Jan-20

M71 of 2019 - Nine Elms Reach - St Georges Wharf - Exclusion Zone
Date Published: 13-Nov-19

M45 of 2019 - Margaretness to Putney Bridge - Requirement to use the Authorised Channel
Date Published: 18-Jul-19

M29 of 2019 - Chelsea Reach - Cremorne Wharf Works & Operations
Date Published: 08-May-19

M25 of 2019 - Nine Elms Reach - Vauxhall Bridge - No 4 Arch Smart Signal Light
Date Published: 26-Apr-19

M61 of 2018 - Lambeth Reach - Victoria Embankment - Construction Works
Date Published: 06-Sep-18

M36 of 2018 - Barn Elms Reach - Putney Embankment Construction Works
Date Published: 21-May-18

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Current Upper River Notices

U1 of 2022 - Richmond Lock and Weir - No. 3 Arch Closure
Date Published: 14-Jan-22

U9 of 2021 - U9 of 2021 - Corney Reach - Barnes Rail Bridge - Temporary Cofferdam
Date Published: 09-Dec-21

U8 of 2021 - U8 of 2021 - Oxford and Cambridge - University Pre-Boat Race Fixtures
Date Published: 08-Dec-21

U7 of 2021 - Mortlake to Barn Elms Reach - River Closures - 2021/22 Head of the River Races
Date Published: 03-Sep-21

U4 of 2021 - Barn Elms Reach (Upper) - Hammersmith Bridge
Date Published: 16-Jul-21

U13 of 2019 - Barn Elms Reach - Fulham Football Club - Construction of New Stand
Date Published: 12-Jun-19

U11 of 2018 - Barn Elms Reach - Putney Embankment Construction Works
Date Published: 21-May-18

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