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Notices to Mariners

Notices to Mariners provide essential, up to date information and advice to those supporting navigation and commercial shipping in the Port of London. Subjects will include (but not be limited to) advice on PLA procedures and/or requirements and notification of new and updated rules and regulations for navigation.

Some Notices remain effective indefinitely and these are subsequently published as Permanent Notices to Mariners. Click here to view

Notices are charged as set out in the PLA Charges Schedule.  Please click here for details about charges for Notices to Mariners.

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Current Portwide Notices

No.14 of 2016 - Updated PLA Publication - Code of Practice for Passenger Vessel Operations on the Thames 2016
Date Published: 16-Jun-16

No.13 of 2016 - Amendment to PLA Publication - Code of Practice for Craft Towage Operations on the Thames 2014
Date Published: 16-Jun-16

No.12 of 2016 - Safe Mooring of Vessels on the Thames
Date Published: 15-Jun-16

No.11 of 2016 - Port of London Authority - Local Knowledge Endorsements
Date Published: 15-Jun-16

No.10 of 2016 - General Directions for Navigation in the Port of London 2016
Date Published: 27-May-16

No.9 of 2016 - Vessels Licensed as Ship Towage Tugs By The Port of London Authority
Date Published: 05-May-16

No.8 of 2016 - Rowing, Paddling & Sailing Events - Online Calendar
Date Published: 01-Apr-16

No.6 of 2016 - Woolwich Reach - Environment Agency - Thames Barrier Closures
Date Published: 23-Feb-16

No.1 of 2016 - Notices Remaining in Force at 1st January 2016
Date Published: 04-Jan-16

No.25 of 2015 - Updated PLA Publication - Guidance to Berth Operators on the Thames 2012
Date Published: 22-Dec-15

No.23 of 2015 - Thames Estuary - London & Medway Pilotage Districts - Pilot Transfer Arrangements & Declaration
Date Published: 23-Nov-15

No.22 of 2015 - Definitive Berths List
Date Published: 20-Nov-15

No.17 of 2015 - High Astronomical Tides
Date Published: 21-Sep-15

No.15 of 2015 - Amendments to PLA Publication - Permanent Notices to Mariners 2014
Date Published: 14-Sep-15

No.13 of 2015 - Amendment to PLA Publication - Code of Practice Ship Towage Operations on the Thames
Date Published: 27-Aug-15

No.11 of 2015 - Updated PLA Publication - Mariners' Guide to Bridges on the Tidal Thames
Date Published: 28-Jul-15

No.4 of 2015 - Proposed amendment General Direction 38 (4) a)
Date Published: 12-Jan-15

No.10 of 2014 - Use of Automatic Identification Systems in the Port of London
Date Published: 22-Apr-14

No.8 of 2014 - General Directions for Navigation in the Port of London 2011 - Amendments 2014
Date Published: 16-Apr-14

No.3 of 2014 - Yantlet Secondary Channels
Date Published: 30-Jan-14

No.2 of 2014 - Maintenance Dredging on the Thames
Date Published: 23-Jan-14

No.8 of 2013 - Code of Practice for the Safe Mooring of Vessels on the Thames 2010 Amendments
Date Published: 21-May-13

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Current Lower & Estuary Notices

L6 of 2016 - Sea Reach - London Wreck - Excavation Works
Date Published: 24-May-16

L5 of 2016 - Gravesend Reach to Mouse Channel - 85th Thames Sailing Barge Match
Date Published: 24-May-16

L4 of 2016 - London Gateway - 100 Metre Exclusion Zone For Quay Cranes
Date Published: 14-Apr-16

L3 of 2016 - Canvey Island - Wash and Draw-Off Dangers on Public Beaches
Date Published: 08-Apr-16

L31 of 2015 - Thames Estuary - General Direction 13(3) Navigational Safety Requirements Compliance
Date Published: 18-Dec-15

L30 of 2015 - Gravesend Reach - Tilbury Ro-Ro Pontoon Removal
Date Published: 10-Dec-15

L28 of 2015 - Gravesend Reach - Imperial Jetty - Repair Works
Date Published: 22-Sep-15

L24 of 2015 - Erith Reach - Callender Wharf - Demolition
Date Published: 21-Aug-15

L6 of 2015 - Outer Estuary - Kentish Wind Farm Extension - Laying of Temporary Buoys
Date Published: 02-Apr-15

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Current Middle River Notices

M47 of 2016 - Wandsworth Reach - Pre Dredge Sampling
Date Published: 21-Jun-16

M46 of 2016 - Upper Pool - Installation of New Mooring
Date Published: 17-Jun-16

M45 of 2016 - Lower Pool - Chambers Wharf Construction
Date Published: 16-Jun-16

M44 of 2016 - Upper Pool - Helicopter Filming Operations
Date Published: 13-Jun-16

M43 of 2016 - Lower Pool - Uxo Investigation Works
Date Published: 07-Jun-16

M42 of 2016 - Lambeth Reach - Vauxhall Bridge - Arch Closures
Date Published: 24-May-16

M41 of 2016 - Lambeth Reach - Lambeth Bridge - Arch Closures
Date Published: 24-May-16

M36 of 2016 - Kings Reach - Savoy Pier - Installation of Temporary Pier Extension
Date Published: 03-May-16

M31 of 2016 - Bow Creek - Leamouth Lifting Footbridge
Date Published: 14-Apr-16

M29 of 2016 - Upper Pool - Battle Bridge Buoy - Re-Instatement
Date Published: 08-Apr-16

M26 of 2016 - Greenwich Reach to Cross Deep - Traditional Rowing Events in London 2016
Date Published: 21-Mar-16

M24 of 2016 - Lambeth Reach - Westminster Pier Extension Works
Date Published: 11-Mar-16

M23 of 2016 - Bow Creek - Leamouth Peninsula - Sheet Piling Works
Date Published: 08-Mar-16

M22 of 2016 - Lambeth Reach - Victoria Embankment
Date Published: 07-Mar-16

M12 of 2016 - Battersea Reach - Position Of Temporary Mooring
Date Published: 05-Feb-16

M11 of 2016 - Blackwall Reach - West India Dock Lock Gates
Date Published: 05-Feb-16

M8 of 2016 - Battersea Reach - Plantation Wharf Piling Works
Date Published: 21-Jan-16

M7 of 2016 - Upper Pool - The Tower of London - Gun Salutes
Date Published: 18-Jan-16

M82 of 2015 - Kings Reaches - Baynard House Exclusion Zone
Date Published: 22-Dec-15

M76 of 2015 - Kings Reach - Blackfriars Road & Rail Bridges - No.2 Arch Closure
Date Published: 19-Nov-15

M74 of 2015 - Deptford Creek - Deptford Creek Wharf - Construction of Cofferdam & Reconstruction & Replacement of Flood Wall Defences
Date Published: 02-Nov-15

M61 of 2015 - Woolwich Reach to Lower Pool - Rowing Patterns
Date Published: 14-Sep-15

M29 of 2015 - Lambeth Reach - Flashing Light Trail - London Duck Tours
Date Published: 01-May-15

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Current Upper River Notices

U5 of 2016 - Chiswick Reach - Chiswick Eyot - Fish Surveys and Refuge Structures
Date Published: 17-May-16

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